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Forum Rules

Go To Top Of Page Be courteous

Please remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion. Personal attacks, slurs ("flaming") and excessive use of profanity should be avoided. Harassment and/or intimidation of other members will not be tolerated. These messages will be subject to moderation and the participant may be restricted from future participation. And while you're gone, people will make fun of you.

Go To Top Of Page Keep it legal

Do not post protected material without giving proper credit to the author and/or copyright holder. Do not use the forums to engage in or encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation. If you end up in jail or getting sued, people will definitely make fun of you.

Go To Top Of Page Sharing Passwords

Don't do it. It's creepy. You will get caught. And then, people will think you're creepy.

Go To Top Of Page Multiple Usernames

Please, only one to a customer. If you can't post something under your regular name, then you probably shouldn't be posting it at all. So don't do it. You'll get caught. You'll be exposed. And people will be mean to you.

Go To Top Of Page Private Messages

Keep them private. But remember, the only sure way to keep a secret, is to keep it to yourself.

Go To Top Of Page Sexual Content

Post it if you got it! Just keep it confined to the appropriate forum, and try not to be gross. Material deemed to be too offensive will be subject to moderation, not to mention ridicule from your fellow members.

Go To Top Of Page Pending Members

Any pending members that dont reply to the "register email" will be removed after 10 days.

Go To Top Of Page Inactive Members

Powerquad can only thrive if it's members participate and contribute their thoughts to the forum. We respectfully ask that after joining, you post on the board to introduce yourself to the other members.

Inactive members with zero posts MAY have their access to Powerquad restricted.

Any inactive members who have zero posts, and who haven't visited the forum for 180 days MAY be removed.

Go To Top Of Page Changing Rules

By rule, the Administrator rules over the rules. As the rule ruler, the Administrator may make, change, enforce, interpret, and/or ignore the rules as he sees fit, subject to mood, world events, phases of the moon, indigestion, or personal feelings.

However, the Administrator is basically a nice guy and fair ruler, so unless you're being a real butthole, there shouldn't be any trouble.

Because, as a modern philosphoser once asked, "Can't we all just get along?"

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