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Obama didn't cave IMO
Topic Posted by: MerryA - On: 12/17/2010 - At: 12:17:38 AM
Should have joined the discussion earlier before it went south but ...

The only thing Obama compromised on was extending the tax breaks to the upper income folks. The Dems got EVERYTHING else they asked for.

Oh, wait - they didn't get the "death tax" extended to those less than $5M in assets but they did get it reinstated.

This bill will extend jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed and put more money into workers' pockets.

A one-year, 2 percentage point cut in the Social Security wage tax, estimated to give workers an average $934 tax break next year.

It renews 38 expiring tax breaks for various interests including energy companies, teachers and areas destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Our economy needs this boost - Obama did a great job negotiating with Repugs - if this doesn't pass, he will be faced with a much different bill (bad) with the new House.

Politics is not an all or nothing proposition - he is doing his job and IMO doing it much better than whinny liberals are giving him credit for.

I wish folks would look at the big picture. Obama has not done everything the way I want either BUT he has done more in his two years to push the liberal agenda than any President since Johnson - IMO.
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It feels like raindrops, falling from the sky...
Topic Posted by: flicka - On: 12/18/2010 - At: 5:45:24 PM
I'm sitting here watching the rain come down and it jogs memories of 1969. I was 17 years old, and married with a 14 month old son. Rain fall, similar to the rain today, had been dropping slow & steady for over 24 hours.

I called up my friend, Barbara, who was a year older than me & who also had a son a few months older than my own. I'd been teaching her how to drive and told her that she might as well learn how to drive in the rain. We packed up the babies & headed for country roads. In those days, packing up the babies meant we grabbed a few extra diapers & a couple of bottles and tossed them and the boys on the back seat.

Limbs were down everywhere. All the creeks & rivers were running & water crossed the roads where ever there was a dip in the road. We spent several hours surveying the rain damage, listening to Credence on the 8 track, and she practiced driving in the rain. At one point we even tried to drive down a dirt road to our springtime swimming hole by the river, but noticed quickly that the road ended in rushing water. So, she got to practice backing up a slick sandy road. No problem.

As we drove back into the town, the streets were almost empty. A few people were here, or there, but not many. Back inside the house, and turned on the radio...all the schools had been closed and main roads were flooded/closed. Cars had been washed down rivers in the rural areas while trying to cross water rushing over the road. The main bridge in a little town 12 miles north of us had collapsed. Authorities were warning people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. It was one of the worst floodings in the history of our area. Barbara & I & the boys hadn't even gotten too wet running from the car to the house!

Ah yes, the ignorance & safety of being a youth!

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Jesus is a liberal democrat
Topic Posted by: ghoti - On: 12/17/2010 - At: 12:41:15 PM
Stephen Colbert:
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Republican/FOX - Fuck you 9/11
Topic Posted by: ParaDude - On: 12/17/2010 - At: 12:34:07 PM
Anyone else catch John Stewart's last show of 2010? The one he dedicated to 9/11 first responders?

Scroll down to watch some of it.
John Stewart

Can any Republican defend this filibuster? Can anyone here explain to me how FOX news could be so outraged about the Muslim mosque issue (to the extent that this issue got weeks/months of airplay on FOX) yet nary a word from them in regards to the passing of this bill? Yes, the other networks have been sadly lacking as well but as John Stewart pointed out, FOX News has made it almost a mandate to champion 9/11 issues.

Shame on anyone and everyone who does not stand up to support those extremely brave and selfless "first responders". They came running when the US was in trouble, now, they are in need and the US government ("the system" which is You) is...running in the opposite direction....shame shame shame....
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Boycott NM
Topic Posted by: tppyxxx - On: 01/29/2007 - At: 4:53:43 PM
A site that claims no money is made off of its bulletin board. A dis site run by AB's. A board banning people based on priviledge. I say, 'Let's end NM.' It'll be on OUR terms. NM's finished.

Boycott for 10 days. february 8th. Then log-on, check it out then, boycott 10 more days FUCK THEM.

I copy/pasted my posts there. I'm out.


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Watching Fox News makes you stupid
Topic Posted by: ghoti - On: 12/17/2010 - At: 1:38:11 PM
Finally, a study that confirms what we've always suspected. The more you watch Fox News the more mis-informed you are about issues.

Will the public ever wake up to the fact that Fox News exists solely to further the goals of the republican party and the wealthy?

Yet another study has been released proving that watching Fox News is detrimental to your intelligence. World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, conducted a survey of American voters that shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What�s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation.

So the more you watch, the less you know. Or to be precise, the more you think you know that is actually false. This study corroborates a previous PIPA study that focused on the Iraq war with similar results. And there was an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that demonstrated the break with reality on the part of Fox viewers with regard to health care. The body of evidence that Fox News is nothing but a propaganda machine dedicated to lies is growing by the day.

In eight of the nine questions below, Fox News placed first in the percentage of those who were misinformed (they placed second in the question on TARP). That�s a pretty high batting average for journalistic fraud. Here is a list of what Fox News viewers believe that just aint so:

�91 percent believe the stimulus legislation lost jobs
�72 percent believe the health reform law will increase the deficit
�72 percent believe the economy is getting worse
�60 percent believe climate change is not occurring
�49 percent believe income taxes have gone up
�63 percent believe the stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts
�56 percent believe Obama initiated the GM/Chrysler bailout
�38 percent believe that most Republicans opposed TARP
�63 percent believe Obama was not born in the U.S. (or that it is unclear)

The conclusion is inescapable. Fox News is deliberately misinforming its viewers and it is doing so for a reason. Every issue above is one in which the Republican Party had a vested interest. The GOP benefited from the ignorance that Fox News helped to proliferate. The results were apparent in the election last month as voters based their decisions on demonstrably false information fed to them by Fox News.
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Alii Kula Lavender farm on Maui
Topic Posted by: bruceofmaui - On: 12/17/2010 - At: 5:34:59 PM
Went on a tour of the Alii Kula Lavender Farm yesterday to find more accessible activities for PWD to do on Maui and our website. It is a beautiful setting and has all sorts of Lavender plants. Didn't know they had so many varieties of Lavender. I was more impressed with all the exotic succulents in the gardens and the incredible bi-coastal views. A lot cooler up at the gardens as it was 82 at our condo which is at ocean level and a pleasant 71 at the gardens which are at 4,000 ft elevation. It was a fun explore adventure for Amy and I going up here but it'll not make my accessible activities page. It was STEEP and even with my power wheelchair and I am pretty good at mountain goating it wasn't safe. After this adventure we had a nice realaxing lunch at Kula Lodge and scooted back to the condo for the afternoon. There is a new Cirque de Soeil up in Kaanapali that I want to go to so I'll post on that later.

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crapy crappy crap
Topic Posted by: MissLiz - On: 12/17/2010 - At: 1:18:28 PM
so someone using my desktop hit a button somewhere and Word(office) products are asking me for a key code. No clue where the disks are...any suggestions?
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Religious v secular holidays
Topic Posted by: MerryA - On: 12/16/2010 - At: 10:06:52 AM
I have been watching the History Channel again ...

I honestly don't get why some people get all upset and claim we need to "get Christ back into Christmas" - seems to me if Christ is gone it is a personal problem.

As a country, we celebrate the secular Christmas holiday with the tree, decorations, parties, even presents. As an individual and church community, we attend Christmas services. (It is well established that Jesus was not born this time of year but whatever.)

To me, if you want a religious Christmas, do it and quit insinuating that every one else having a good time celebrating a secular Christmas is somehow a bad person.

Two different Christmases. No big deal. One is meant for one thing, one for the other.

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Would you join a website-
Topic Posted by: Albert-1 - On: 12/13/2010 - At: 11:47:57 AM
-that wasn't an online store and that asked for your date of birth and zip code?

Or is there something fishy about that?
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